Product Care



Introduction Cotton: 

Cotton is breathable, soft and crisp at the same time all while being comfortable. 

It does not matter in what form or shape cotton comes from, it is always breathable and regulates heat so you can maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Cotton is a natural choice when it comes to clothing and textiles, for these reasons we want to keep using them. However, cotton is so popular that the industry has started to mass produce it. It is called genetically modified cotton, and that is the new standard. Clothes labeled ‘’Cotton’’ have used the genetically modified cotton process for making its fabric. 

Mirah Studios love cotton but we also love our planet. That is why we only use organic materials in our clothes. Organic cotton saves resources and emits 46% less CO2, up to 91% less water is used and uses 0% pesticides. 





Cotton has a habit of shrinking when washing it in high tempratures - always keep it around 30-40°, to keep them looking their best. 

For delicate items, use a mesh bag so the fabric keeps from twisting in the washer. 

Avoid fabric softeners, this can dull the colours and the fabric will lose its lyster. 

Before washing/Stains:

Pre-treat your stains before washing, using a stain remover substance. If you have dark clothes with stains: Do a patch test on the inside of a seam to see if how/if the colour of the fabric changes. 





 If you are tumble drying it, keep it on a lower heat level. Cotton fabric will shrink if its too warm. 

Preferable air dry your cotton clothes. 

Give your clothes a gentle stretch before drying.