Responsible Fashion

Mirah Studios manufacturing is located in Porto, Portugal, and carefully selected based upon our sustainable requirements.
We visit them often in order to build strong relationships and to see through the entire product development process, from sourcing fabric to developing a perfect fit, to finally achieve the ultimate product.
Mirah studio production

Taking everything from the same area results in a lower carbon footprint.

Mirah Studios source all fabrics, trims and embellishments from the same area, resulting in a very low carbon footprint on our production processes. This is something that Mirah Studio values very high and have respect for the importance of a lower carbon footprint for our planet and communities.

Organic materials:

Mirah Studios love cotton but we also love our planet. That is why we only use organic materials in our clothes. Organic cotton saves resources and emits 46% less CO2, up to 91% less water is used and uses 0% pesticides.

Our collections are designed in small batches to be able to offer unique garments, but most importantly to guarantee minimum loss waste.
We locally source the most beautiful, sustainable and high-quality fabrics, to bring you exclusive pieces that will last for years to come.
For instance, we only work with either eco-friendly and natural fibers or recycled fabrics. Natural fiber fabrics biodegrade faster than synthetic fabrics and require substantially less water to produce.
Paying attention to the little details makes a big difference, but essentially, our goal is to offer long-lasting products for a long-lasting future that has a positive impact on the planet.
Love ♡